Monday, August 12, 2013

Take Care of Diabetic Feet with the Right Shoes

If you have diabetes, don’t underestimate the importance of your shoes!

There is much to monitor if you have diabetes and it can get overwhelming at times, even for someone who has lived with the disease for years. A foot problem is one thing that can bring serious danger and consequences and the right shoes can make all the difference.

Dr. Tina Boucher is a foot specialist highly dedicated to caring for her patients with diabetes. A foot problem left untreated can lead to wounds, ulcers and even amputation. We can’t stress enough the importance of wearing good shoes if you have diabetes and here is why:
  • Neuropathy is common with diabetes and the nerve damage in your feet impacts your ability to feel pain, heat and cold. For this reason, you need to be wearing shoes that support and protect your feet from foreign objects, cold temperatures and hot sand or sidewalks.
  • A poorly made pair of shoes may have rough stitching and areas of pressure. This can lead to the formation of blisters and even a small blister has the potential to turn into a serious wound.
  • Any pain or inflammation present can be made worse by wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • Any current deformity such as Charcot foot, hammertoes or small amputation needs to be stabilized and protected to avoid further damage.
  • Custom orthotics are often beneficial to those with diabetes to provide extra support and stabilization. A good pair of shoes will need extra room to accommodate them.
If you have been trying to follow these general rules but continue to have foot pain or if a bad pair of shoes has left you with an injury, please contact us for treatment. Make an appointment today at Central Connecticut Footcare Center by calling (203) 238-3668. Allow Dr. Boucher to take care of your feet so you can concentrate on the other things that matter in life.

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