Monday, September 9, 2013

Alcoholic Neuropathy

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There is much research and controversy around the consumption of alcohol. Some camps provide the justification side with studies that indicate moderation can have heart health benefits. Others highlight the risks of drinking including pancreatitis, blood pressure problems, depression and nerve damage.

If you can say that you have engaged in prolonged use of alcoholic beverages, listen up – nerve damage, also called alcoholic neuropathy, is a serious risk that can significantly impact your quality of life. An ingredient found in alcohol called ethanol is toxic to your nerve tissue. When you go beyond drinking in moderation, the nerves in your feet and hands can become damaged, meaning you can lose sensation in these limbs. The nerve damage is often permanent.

Pain in your legs, feeling a “pins and needles” sensation in your feet, muscle spasms and weakness are symptoms of neuropathy that you need to monitor. It may be a loved one complaining of these that can alarm you of a problem that needs to be addressed before serious complications occur.

If caught early, symptoms can be treated before complications such as disability result. Medications, physical therapy, dietary changes and nerve stimulation are just a few of the treatment options podiatrist Dr. Tina Boucher uses to help patients with this condition. Call Central Connecticut Footcare Center today if you or someone you know needs diagnosis and treatment for symptoms described here. Neuropathy is not something to take lightly – call us at (203) 238-3668 to make an appointment today.
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