Monday, November 19, 2012

Don’t leave your toes out in the cold!

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Colder temperatures can be cruel to your feet. We don’t often think about the risks associated with exposing our feet to the cold winter elements. Exposed feet means going barefoot, wearing heels or wearing any open toe shoe where skin is exposed. What’s considered winter weather? When most people hear the term they think snow, ice, sleet and wind. That’s not always the case! Even if none of these conditions exist, make sure to check the temperature outside so you can select the proper footwear to keep your toes warm and toasty!

One of the most well-known cold weather culprits is frostbite. If you expose your feet to cold weather for a prolonged period of time, you may be at risk for this serious condition. Frostbite’s first symptom is a painful, burning sensation in the exposed areas. Numbness in the toes or feet and changes in your skin color occur next. Your skin can change from a pale, red color to a bluish-gray or black. If you’ve had frostbite before, watch out! People with a history of this condition are more susceptible to suffer with it again in the same location on the body!

If you think you’re suffering from frostbite, first and foremost get yourself out of the cold as quickly as possible! However, keep in mind not to expose your feet to extremely hot temperatures. If you do this, you will just end up burning your flesh. Make sure to keep your feet dry and it’s important to gradually warm them. Most importantly, seek emergency medical care as soon as possible!

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