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Having anything wrong with your child, big or small, can be scary and if your child has clubfoot you may be full of fear of what this might mean. Dr. Tina Boucher, foot specialist in Meriden, CT treats children of all ages. There are many foot problems that can affect children and clubfoot is a very common condition that is not life threatening and often responds very well to effective treatment methods.

How did my child’s clubfoot happen?
Clubfoot is a common birth defect in which the foot is abnormally twisted at a sharp angle near the ankle. There is no known cause for this condition other than the foot turns during the development in the womb. There are some conditions such as spina bifida that can cause clubfoot as well.

Ultrasounds can show clubfoot in the womb and it can be diagnosed immediately at birth. X-rays are often taken to fully assess the severity of the defect. When it is detected at birth, the good news is that it is not painful for your child and it is correctable.

For patients with clubfoot, Dr. Boucher will treat with a goal to restore function to the foot or feet by the time the patient is ready to walk. Depending on the nature of the clubfoot condition, she may implement serial casting to move the bones into alignment, special shoes and braces. Surgery is required at times if tendons, ligaments and joints need to be adjusting but more conservative methods are often effective. They require patience as treatment may take several months and symptoms can last until the age of seven. With the expert care of Dr. Boucher, your child will be in great hands and will be given tailored care specific to his or her needs.

If you have any questions about clubfoot or concerns about the care your child is receiving, please contact our podiatric office today. Call Dr. Boucher at (203) 238-3668 or visit
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How Do You Balance Exercise in a Busy Life?

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Are you being pulled every which way these days and find that exercise often falls to the bottom of the to-do list, or doesn’t even make it at all? The benefits of exercise are many: lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy and your bones strong, keeps weight steady and relieves stress. So, what can you do when your life is busy? If your life is full with things that can’t necessarily be done away with, keep reading for some tips to get maximum benefit out of short workout windows.

Forget the idea that you need to be in the gym every day for a couple of hours. This just isn’t necessary and for most people, not even possible. Modify the way you workout and go for a maximum intensity session of circuit or interval training. Work on your upper and lower body in the same workout and reduce rest periods to cut down on the time. A trainer at a reputable gym can help you create a circuit to target all muscle groups, burn calories and give a good cardiovascular workout. You can build strength by adding weights as you progress and work up to completing the circuit two to four times. Write up a weekly schedule and create a time slot for a quick but effective workout 3-5 times a week.

Another common pitfall for busy people is bad eating habits. This isn’t going to help your exercise efforts so take the time to plan ahead. Pack your meals the night before so you aren’t tempted to stop for fast food. If you are busy, then you also need your sleep so make adjustments if you are lagging behind because of lack of sleep.

It is not always easy to manage a busy life but small adjustments will have a big pay off and staying healthy and fit will enable you to keep up. Make sure to call foot specialist, Dr. Tina Boucher if you have any concerns about your foot health or if foot pain is interrupting your ability to keep up with your life. Call our Meriden, CT podiatric office at (203) 238-3668 or visit us at
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