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Chronic Ankle Pain – Why You Have it and What to Do!

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Any nagging ache or pain can be just that – a real pain! When it happens to occur in your foot or ankle, it can really impact your quality of life. Simple tasks can become difficult and you realize how much you rely on your feet to get through the day.

Is chronic ankle pain something you are tired of dealing with? Numerous conditions can cause this and because it can lead to tissue damage and possible disability, it is worth getting to the bottom of why you have it and what you can do to keep it from getting worse.

When patients come in to Central Connecticut Footcare Center with persistent pain, we often start by asking about footwear. Shoes with tight toe boxes and higher heels don’t allow your feet to function properly, even if you claim to be comfortable! Good shoes help your feet gain strength and flexibility and without those and the proper support, pain can lurk around the corner.

Two other reasons for your sore ankles could be osteoarthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. The first is a degenerative joint disease typically affecting older people, while the latter can be caused by an ankle injury, bone spurs or having a condition such as diabetes. Our podiatrist, Dr. Tina Boucher will be able to find the root of your pain, get you on a tailored treatment plan and help you back to the freedom of living life without ankle pain!

How long have you been suffering, hoping your nagging problem will just go away? If you are like most people, your answer is probably far too long! Allow us to help get you back on your feet. Make an appointment at our Meriden, CT office today by calling (203) 238-3668 – you have nothing lose but that annoying pain!
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