Monday, July 15, 2013

Osteoporosis Might First be Found in Feet!

Did you know that your bones are actually made of living, growing tissue? There are several components that make bones strong and flexible. Until about the age of 25, your bones continue to become more dense until they reach their peak bone mass. At this point, you have the most bone that you will ever have and more bone mass reduces your chances of breaks and osteoporosis as you get older.

Do you have an unexplained foot fracture?

As we age, we can lose bone and when you lose too much bone or don’t make enough, the condition is called osteoporosis. There are many risk factors for developing osteoporosis. Some you can’t control such as age, menopause and family history. Others factors such as poor diet, inactivity, smoking and weight loss are within your boundaries to control.

Foot specialist, Dr. Tina Boucher continually reminds her patients that foot pain is not normal. This bone condition is one reason you should always get symptoms looked at. Foot pain can be due to a stress fracture and the fracture could be indicative of osteoporosis. Unexplained stress fractures are often the first sign of the condition. Catching the condition early will provide time to respond with appropriate diet or lifestyle changes to slow down its progression.

Since your feet can provide valuable clues to your health such as whether you may have osteoporosis, please contact us with any unusual pain or symptoms. Call Central Connecticut Footcare Center at (203) 238-3668 and make an appointment with Dr. Boucher today.

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