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Are you having pain and stiffness in your ankle?

Persistent pain in your foot or ankle can be very frustrating as it impairs your ability to carry out daily tasks or takes you out of activities. Dr. Tina Boucher, foot specialist in Meriden, CT regularly sees patients complaining of ankle pain and ready for relief.

If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in your ankle joint, it could be the result of a condition called osteochondritis. This is a common condition that most often develops after you have had a twisting-type injury to your ankle. During an injury, a piece of cartilage from the end of a bone in your ankle can “chip” off or become loose. Sometimes a chipped piece of cartilage stays in place leaving no pain or symptoms. It is when a fragment of cartilage moves and and gets caught between a joint that pain or stiffness can develop. Swelling and aching are also common symptoms we hear from patients at our podiatric office.

This sounds like what I may have, what can be done?

This is one of those conditions where the early it is diagnosed and treated the better. Rest and immobilization in a cast can give the bone injury time to heal. If the condition is more severe, surgery may be needed to remove the loose fragments of cartilage. The area where the fragment broke off from may need to be addressed as well. This can be done by drilling holes which stimulates blood vessels resulting in scar tissue that fills in the area.

To avoid surgery, please call us today if you are experiencing nagging, aching pain or stiffness in your ankle. Dr. Boucher can diagnose the severity of your injury and start appropriate treatment immediately. Call our office at (203) 238-3668 or visit us at
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