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Morton’s neuroma, you’ll be painfully aware of it.

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Morton’s neuroma is a condition affecting the ball of your foot between the third and fourth toes. It can be intensely painful or sting, burn and sometimes feel numb. Many people who suffer this painful condition describe the sensation as having a foreign object in their shoe. Morton’s neuroma is a thickening of the tissue around the nerve leading to the toes and usually develops because of injury, irritation or simply because of the pressure from long hours on your feet. Although you can’t really see it the pain is sure to make you aware of it and symptoms usually get progressively worse unless steps are taken to reduce stress on the foot. Diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma is done by physical examination. Dr. Boucher will feel and press on the area causing the pain and question you about your symptoms. An ultrasound may be used to confirm the diagnosis because it offers a clear picture of soft tissue damage.

There are a number of treatment options that range from lifestyle changes and things you can try at home to surgery. Dr. Boucher will most likely reserve surgical options as a last resort. Although surgery has a high success rate, the possibility of permanent nerve damage exists. Recommendations for at home treatment to help relieve pain and allow nerve to heal include:
  • Change of footwear
  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication
  • Modification of activities that place stress on your feet
  • Ice packs
Medical treatment of Morton’s neuroma will depend on the severity of your case. Dr. Boucher may suggest foot pads or orthotics to redistribute the pressure on your foot. Orthotics are available over the counter, or Dr. Boucher may custom design them for you. Other options include:
  • Steroid injections
  • Temporarily freezing the nerve
  • Decompression surgery
  • Surgical removal of the nerve
Morton’s neuroma is a commonly seen condition and Dr. Boucher’s experience at healing will help relieve your pain and speed you to recovery. No foot condition that causes pain should be ignored. If you haven’t gotten relief from pain by changing your footwear to a roomier toe design and giving yourself a break from rigorous activities that may be contributing to the pain, you should make an appointment with Dr. Boucher by calling (203) 238-3668.

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