Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Year's Foot Fixes Solved!

As the ball drops and rings in another exciting New Year, many enthusiastic revelers will sport their favorite pair of sassy slingbacks and other types of fashionable high-heels. However, American women often pay a hefty price for their New Year’s footwear– resulting in blisters, arch and heel pain, and much more! Start the New Year off on the right foot with these sole-saving, New Year’s footwear solutions, with these products available on our website through OurDoctorStore.

Problem: Burning sensation on the balls and toes of the feet.
Solution: Douse foot flames with Dr. Jill’s Gel Ball of Foot Cushions (Self-Sticking and Reusable) $12. The soft gel surrounds the painful area and reduces the pain by transferring pressure from the foot to the cushion. Cushions are designed to be used over and over and can be used in all styles of shoes.

Problem: Shoe soles can be hard on feet, especially near heels.
Solution: Dr. Jill’s Gel Heel Cushions (Self-sticking and Reusable) $12. These are designed to cushion and protect the heel with each step we take. The cushions provide long lasting comfort for heel pain.

Problem: Slingbacks can dig deep into heels, leaving blisters and painful abrasions.
Solution: Engo Blister Protection Patches (Available in oval or rectangle) $10.95-13.37. These patches prevent blisters from happening. They are applied directly to the shoe, not the ankle. The Blister Patches are thin and easy to carry in a purse.

Visit to order all of these products and more! We are your Central Connecticut Foot Care and Meriden CT supplier of all things for your feet!

Dr. Tina A. Boucher, DPM
Central Connecticut Foot Care, LLC

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Tamarack Habilitation Technologies said...

Thank you for recommending our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches!

We also offer a heel patch size for those pesky heel abrasions and blisters caused by tight-fitting dress shoes & heels (choose either standard "Back-of-Heel Patches" or "Cushion Heel Wraps).

ENGO Blister Prevention Patches are available from specialty running stores, sports medicine suppliers and direct from