Thursday, July 22, 2010

SteriShoe Now Available In Office

We wash our bodies and our clothes, but what about washing our shoes? Except for sneakers, most shoes cannot be put into the wash. So what is a conscientious, clean person like you to do?

The average person sweats from each foot eight ounces each day! That is a lot of sweat going into your shoes. The SteriShoe shoe sanitizer is a safe and effective way to clean the inside of your shoes.

If you have nail fungus, athlete's foot, diabetes, bad shoe odor, or simply want to take better care of your feet and shoes, then the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer is for you. SteriShoe uses germicidal ultraviolet light inside your shoe to kill microorganisms, including those that cause athlete's foot, nail fungus, and shoe odor. Fungus can last in your shoes for months, even when you are not wearing them. As soon as you put that shoe on again and the perspiration and heat from your foot will cause the fungus spore to grow. Yuck! SteriShoe destroys the fungus spores in your shoes, giving your feet a healthier environment.

Sprays or powders in your shoes do not have the same effect that the SteriShoe has. After the UVC light rays have killed the microorganisms in your shoes, the only thing that remains are the dead microorganisms. When you put sprays or powders in your shoes, the end product is the microorganisms AND the chemicals.

To use the SteriShoe, simply put the product in your shoe, plug it into an electrical outlet, and wait 45 minutes. The timer will automatically turn the SteriShoe off. The SteriShoe should be used after each use of your shoes and will last for 2000-3000 hours, or once a day for seven years.

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Dr. Tina A. Boucher, DPM
Central Connecticut Foot Care, LLC
Meriden CT Podiatrist
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