Thursday, July 16, 2009

What are Blisters?

Very few people are unfamiliar with what a blister is. Most of us in our lifetimes have formed that wondrous, yet ill-appreciated lesion called a blister. In general, blisters are raised and often fluid-filled sacs of skin, which form in response to excessive heat and friction. In the earlier stage of formation, blisters will be reddened areas of irritation or hot spots. They will have definite burning sensations and will actually be warm to touch. In those cases of continued activity, a clear watery fluid will seep into the area and the outer covering of skin will separate, leaving a true problem. New shoes, ill-fitting shoes, and just plain excessive walking can produce blisters in just about anyone.
However, although blister may seem simple enough, they can spell trouble. First of all, they can cause debility to such a point that a person cannot walk without pain. Secondly, blisters have somehow notoriously invited improper treatment often resulting in infection and further problems. Bathroom surgery without a license and with non-sterile instruments is indeed an open invitation to complications.

Dr. Tina A. Boucher, DPM
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TawniAline said...

how do you differentiate between a blister and a pressure ulcer on the foot? I just saw these pictures of popped "blisters" on a friend's feet that really look like stage 2 pressure ulcers to me but I don't know what to think. it extends from the ball of her foot on the outer edge back to about the level of the arch of her foot- just seems like quite a large area to be a simple blister