Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is Barefoot Running?

There has been quite a bit of talking lately in the running world about running without shoes, or barefoot. Those who run barefoot are choosing hard surfaces, like pavement, over softer surfaces like sand or grass. Our ancestors ran barefoot for many years without anything covering their feet. Today, runners are choosing barefoot running to relieve chronic injuries they incur over time.

When we run with shoes, our shoes force us to land on our heel instead of the ball of our foot, which is the natural way to run and land. The arch of our foot and our lower leg cannot fully absorb the shock the way the ball of our foot can. The shock then instead travels up our heel, through our legs and to our hips. It is possibly a reason why so many runners get shin splints, heel pain, and other problems because of the way we land in shoes.

Barefoot running uses our natural way of moving to propel ourselves off the ground and then again when we land. When you push off the ground with the ball of your feet you will land with your feet directly under your hips, as they should be.

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